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About Goodman'Z Wellness

Get to know us

Goodman'Z Wellness is a small personal training and fitness company created to help you! I care about fitness and know of its importance for our health and well being. This is why I created Goodman'Z Wellness to help educate people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and provide affordable plans to help you on the right path! 

Brandon Goodman

Certified Personal Trainer and Founder

Hello, my name is Brandon Goodman and I am a certified personal trainer through the NSCA. I am also a husband and father to a little boy. Fitness is my passion which is what inspired me to create this company. Like many people I was a small, skinny freshman in high school and I had decided to take on weights class. That is when it all changed for me. I realized how beneficial, rewarding, and fun it was to workout. 


Currently I am going to college and working on my bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership through ASU. I already hold an associates in Pre-Physical Therapy and plan on going into a doctorates of physical therapy once my bachelors is finished. Through Goodman'Z Wellness I hope to help other people find their love for fitness as well as help supplement my college career.

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