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Time to reach your goals!



About The Trainer

Hello, my name is Brandon Goodman. I have created Goodman'Z Wellness as a way to give everyone that opportunity to reach their fitness goals without breaking the bank. I am a certified personal trainer through the NSCA (NSCA-CPT) and am currently going through school to become a Physical Therapist. 

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Here at Goodman'Z Wellness I understand how busy life can be. A busy schedule is one of the leading causes that stop people from starting their fitness journey. Because of that I have designed many different workout programs so that everyone could find one to fit both their schedule and goals. And in this way you can find balance in your life!


Lack of motivation can make it hard to continue a workout plan. That is why I keep motivation a key implement when creating programs. Using motivational strategies such as checkpoints and games these programs are bound to keep you up and moving towards your goals!


With my knowledge in personal training I design these programs to meet your personal goals. Whether that be muscle hypertrophy or weight loss, there is a program that will give you the results that you are looking for. If you are ready to start your next journey then check out my program list!

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